RECIPEAwa-Odori Chicken Salad

Awa-Odori Chicken Salad

You can make use of this one in various ways of cooking, for example, sandwich fillings or chicken Piccata.

Material 2people
Awa-Odori Chicken breast 250g
cherry tomatoes 5
citrus sudachi 1
lettuce 200g
salt 1/3 rounded Tsp
sugar 1 Tbsp
olive oil 2 Tbsp
salt 1/3 Tsp
white pepper proper amount
coarsely ground black pepper proper amount
Recipe / How to make
Step1 Peel the skin from the chicken breast, and rub salt and sugar in the chicken.
Remove the cap of cherry tomatoes and cut in half. Cut the sudachi in thin round slices. Shred the lettuce into bite-size pieces by hands, and soak into the water.
Step2 Place the chicken into fireproof dish and cover it with plastic wrap, cook in a microwave(600w) for about 4 minutes and half.
Let the chicken cool and slice it into bite-size pieces.
Step3 To dish up the vegetables and the chicken(step2) on a plate, drizzle in the mixed dressing on it.