RECIPIレシピ一覧- arranged recipe -

  • Easy & Hospitable dish with Microwave ♪ Potato Salad Chicken Roll

    Easy but gorgeous dish.
    How about you try making it for side dish of hospitable dish or bento lunch box ?

  • Moisted Arranged Fried Chicken Breast

    Easy but delicious arranged classic japanese fried chicken with just a little extra effort.
    Best side dish for bento lunch box or appetizer!

  • Hiyajiru(Cold miso soup) with Awa-Odori Chicken

    Hiyajiru is a locally produced cuisine of the Miyazaki prefecture.
    This dish use the chicken breast instead of fish paste.
    Pour the savory and rich taste cold soup onto warm rice with sufficient amount of condiments on top.
    This dish is refreshing and good to eat especially in the summer.