RECIPECrispy Fried Awa-Odori Chicken(Karaage) with a little oil

Crispy Fried Awa-Odori Chicken(Karaage) with a little oil

Deep-fried Awa-Odori Chicken with a little oil.
To deep-fly with a little oil 4 times and using remaining heat, capable of finishing fried chicken soft.

Material 4people
Awa-Odori chicken Approximately 500g
green part of long green onion proper amount
skin of ginger proper amount
<Pickled sauce>
vinegar ½ Tbsp
ginger juice ½ Tbsp
cooking sake 2 Tbsp
soy sauce ½ Tsp
Japanese pepper powder 2 Tsp
salt 1 Tsp
white pepper proper amount
sesame oil ½ Tsp
potato starch(mix with water and deposited) 3 Tbsp
vegetable oil ½ amount of frying pan
Recipe / How to make
Step1 Cut the chicken into bite-size pieces, Toss the chicken, green onion, skin of ginger in the marinade sauce in a bowl. Marinate for about 10 minutes.
Step2 Add the deposited potato starch into the bowl(from Step1) and toss.
Next, add enough potato starch(out of amount) and toss to coat the chicken thoroughly.
Step3 Fill the oil half of frying pan, and heat on low heat (about 150℃). Put the Chicken(from Step2) gently into the pan.
Step4 Keep to deep-frying on low heat. Remove it from the pan when the surface of chicken is cooked.

To remove the chicken from the oil while deep-frying, the moisture of chicken has immediately evaporated and the chicken would be well cooked slowly.

Step5 Turn to medium heat (about 170℃), Put the chicken(from step4) again into the pan and frying for a while, and remove it once again.
Back to Step3, Step4 and then Step5 to deep-frying twice more.
Step6 Heat up the oil to about 180℃, and cook until the surface of chicken is crispy browned, then remove and allow to drain on wire rack, to dish up on a plate.