RECIPEKhao Man Gai with Rice Cooker

Khao Man Gai with Rice Cooker

Khao man gai is a tasty comfort food in Thailand, which consists of tender and juicy chicken, served on top of rice which has been cooked in the chicken soup.
Easy to cook with the rice cooker at home. A tasty sweet-spicy sauce increases your appetite.

Material 2people
Awa-Odori chicken thigh 100g
Awa-Odori chicken breast 100g
rice 2 go
●chicken stock powder 1 Tsp
●grated garlic ½ Tsp
●grated ginger 1 Tsp
●Pinch of Salt a little
●Pinch of powder white pepper a little
Water Less than 2 go
green part of long green onion 1 stalk
minced green onions 10cm
grated ginger 1/2 Tsp
dark soy sauce 2 Tsp
oyster sauce 2 Tsp
sugar 1 Tsp
miso 1 Tsp
lemon juice 1 Tsp
water 1 Tbsp
sesame oil 1/2 Tsp
fish sauce (to taste) 1 Tsp
Recipe / How to make
Step1 Prick Awa-odori chicken thigh and breast with a fork in both side of the surface.
Step2 Put rice, water which a little less than 400cc for rice and ● in rice cooking pot, and mix them well.
Step3 Put the chicken of Step 1 (skin side is bottom) and green part of green onion on Step2, and cook with rice.
Step4 Mix all material of sauce well in a bowl.

Add fish sauce as you like. It makes authentic thai food taste.

Step5 When the rice is cooked(Step 3), take the chickens off from the pot and cut it into slices with kitchen knife. Serve the rice on dish and put the chicken on top of rice and pour the sauce (Step4) over the chicken. Also serve vegetables like a tomato and cucumber on side as you like.