RECIPELet’s Remove Meat from Awa-odori Chicken drumette

Let’s Remove Meat from Awa-odori Chicken drumette

Remove the bones from the chicken drumette. The drumette are large for cooking as they are, but they are easier to use if you remove the bones.Boneless meat can be used for various dishes, such as grilling and fried.

Recipe / How to make
Step1 Place the wings on a cutting board with the skin side down.
Step2 Grab the meat on the opposite side of the skin. Insert a knife from the base of the wings, and strip the meat along the bone.

You can remove two pieces of meat if you shave the meat off from bone.

Step3 Strip off the other side as well. The other side is skinned up to the base of the wing. Grab this skin, and Insert a knife below and remove the meat along the bone.If you cut the meat so as to not remain in the bone, you can remove the two pieces of meat from the bone.