RECIPEMoisted Arranged Fried Chicken Breast

Moisted Arranged Fried Chicken Breast

Easy but delicious arranged classic japanese fried chicken with just a little extra effort.
Best side dish for bento lunch box or appetizer!

Material 2people
chicken breast 150g
dumpling wrappers proper amount
egg 1
potato starch 2 Tbsp
vegetable oil for deep frying proper amount
salt and pepper proper amount
cooking sake proper amount
minced garlic to taste
Recipe / How to make
Step1 Cut the chicken breast into cube sizes (wrappable sizes by dumpling wrappers.), and mix with all seasonings in a bowl.
Step2 Mix egg and potato starch with Step1 in another bowl.
Step3 Placed the dumpling wrappers on the palm of your hand, wrap Step2 in and pinch the ends to close it.
Step4 Place the battered chicken into the 170℃ heated oil and cook in about 3 minutes.