RECIPEHiyajiru(Cold miso soup) with Awa-Odori Chicken

Hiyajiru(Cold miso soup) with Awa-Odori Chicken

Hiyajiru is a locally produced cuisine of the Miyazaki prefecture.
This dish use the chicken breast instead of fish paste.
Pour the savory and rich taste cold soup onto warm rice with sufficient amount of condiments on top.
This dish is refreshing and good to eat especially in the summer.

Material 4people
Chicken Salad (from Recipe of Chicken Salad With Microwave) 200g
toasted white sesame seeds 2 Tbsp
barley miso (sweet) 5 and ½ Tbsp
water 800cc
cucumbers - thick slices 1.5
green shiso leaves - thin strips 8 leaves
firm tofu - grinded 1/5 block
myoga ginger - thin strips 2
steamed barley rice 3 go
Recipe / How to make
Step1 <a href="" target="_blank">chicken salad with microwave</a>Put the shred chicken, add miso and mix together in a mortar.
Step2 Pound toasted sesame in a mortar.
Step3 Spread the chicken paste(step 2) on the inside of mortar, grilled slightly the whole chicken browned on oven top.

※ Pay due attention the mortar get hot, and can cause burns.
※Prepare a mortar which you can hold by one-hand.

Step4 Add the water in smoky chicken miso paste(Step 3) a little by little, to taste.
Step5 Serve warm rice on a serving bowl and put the cucumber,grinded tofu, myoga and green shiso leaves on it. And put Step4 on top of rice and enjoy.

※(Recommended) when you cook rice then percentage is grain30% : rice70%
※Hot rice and soup are compatible