RECIPESteamed Awa-Odori Chicken Breast and Vegetable in Foil

Steamed Awa-Odori Chicken Breast and Vegetable in Foil

Moist & Tender! Easy steamed chicken breast in foil.
This dish is notable for the delicious shiitake mushrooms flavor.

Material 2people
Awa-Odori Chicken breast 200g
shiitake mushrooms 2
carrot 1/5
white part of long green onion 5cm
salt 1/3 Tsp
sugar 1 Tbsp
cooking sake 1 Tbsp
citrus sudachi 1/2
Recipe / How to make
Step1 Cut strip the chicken breast into diagonal, bite-size pieces. Season salt and sugar, rub chicken pieces.
Remove the stems from shiitake mushrooms and cut the caps into half. Cut the carrot into slices. (The dish will be impress appearance if the carrot cut into decorative shape.)
Step2 Place the chicken, shiitake mushroom, carrot on top a sheet of foil, sprinkle cooking sake. Covering lightly and fold the end of the foil to form spiral shape.
Step3 Pour the ½ cup of water(out of amount) into a pan and put the step2, cover the lid, Steamed on medium low heat until the water bring to boiled and continue steaming about for 7 minutes until cooked.
Step4 Place the foil packets on serving dish and open, garnish green onion and sudachi.