RECIPEBang Bang Awa-Odori Chicken

Bang Bang Awa-Odori Chicken

Easy cook Bang Bang chicken, use only a large bowl!
Roasting the chicken breast slowly by low temperature makes the chicken becomes tender and moist.

Material 4people
Awa-odori chicken breast 250g
green part of long green onion proper amount
ginger skin proper amount
boiled water proper amount
Zhi ma jiang (Chinese sesame paste) 2 Tbsp
sugar 2/3 Tbsp
vinegar ½ Tbsp
dark soy sauce 1+1/2 Tbsp
sesame oil ½ Tbsp
chili oil 1 Tsp
minced ginger dash
minced long onion 2/3 Tbsp
tomato, Halve and cut thin slices 1
cucumber, peel and cut into fine matchsticks 1
Recipe / How to make
Step1 Peel the skin off from chicken breast and put into a large bowl. Add the long green onion, ginger peel(washed by water) on top ,and pour hot water into the bowl.

By that, the chicken becomes tender because roasted slowly by low temperature.

Step2 After cooked well, halve in chicken, and pull into shred along the fiber with hands.

Don't need to shred the chicken too small because Awa-odori chicken meat is soft!

Step3 Prepare all ingredients of the sauce, and combine the Zhi ma jiang and sugar into a bowl in first.
Step4 Next, put the vinegar, soy sauce, sesame oil, chili oil, and minced green onion in the order into the same bowl(Step 3), and combine them.

Combine the Zhi ma jiang and sugar in a bowl well first, because these are hard to be mixed.

Step5 To dish up the chicken(from step2) and side dish vegetables on a plate, and pour the sauce and enjoy.