RECIPEAwa-Odori Chicken Spare Ribs

Awa-Odori Chicken Spare Ribs

Chicken drumstick is known for deep flavor.
Marinating chicken drumstick with rich special sweet-spicy sauce to bring out its flavors.

Material 2-3people
Awa-odori chicken drumsticks 700g
<Pickled sauce>
ketchup 80g
Worcestershire sauce 40g
honey 40g
vinegar 10cc
minced garlic 10g
minced onion 90g
Recipe / How to make
Step1 Make a shallow cut on the surface of chicken drumstick to absorb seasonings.
Step2 Combine all ingredients of sauce in a bowl, add the chicken and toss in the sauce. Marinate overnight in the fridge.
Step3 Remove the chicken from marinate. Preheat oven to 180℃. Roast them until cooked through.
Step4 To dish up the chicken on a plate when chicken become enough cooked, and you can serve with vegetables as you like.

Just prepare the day before, then it in the oven and relax!
You can cook a special dinner with the leftovers in the fridge. If you try eating it once, you will become addicted.
These roasted marinate chicken drumsticks are full of flavor with tasty sweet and spicy sauce.