RECIPEAwa-Odori Chicken Japanese Style Rice Pilaf

Awa-Odori Chicken Japanese Style Rice Pilaf

You can enjoy the rich in flavors of chicken and moderately chewable palate feeling.
Light and new tastes of Japanese style rice pilaf.

Material 2-3people
Awa-Odori chicken thigh ½(200g)
rice 2 cups
minced broccoli (stalk also use) 150g
Salt 1 and 1/2 tsp
Coarsely ground black pepper proper amount
Recipe / How to make
Step1 Wash the rice until the water runs relatively clear in a bowl. Pour the rinsed rice into the pot of rice cooker and add proper amount of fresh water (graduations amount on the inside of a rice cooker pot help).
Step2 Cut the chicken thigh into 2cm cubes, season salt and rub with them. Add the chicken into rice cooker pot from Step1, and cook on the white rice setting.
Step3 When the rice has finished cooking, add the minced broccoli and mix with cooked rice. Sprinkle the coarsely ground black pepper.