RECIPEGarlic-shoots and Awa Odori Chicken Gizzards Stir-fry

Garlic-shoots and Awa Odori Chicken Gizzards Stir-fry

Stir-fry light taste of chicken gizzards with salt and pepper is delicious and good for side of rice and alcoholic drinks

Material 2people
Awa-odori Chicken gizzards 200g
garlic shoots 60g
Olive oil proper amount
White wine 2 Tbsp
Salt proper amount
white pepper proper amount
red pepper- round slices proper amount
coarsely black pepper proper amount
Recipe / How to make
Step1 <Preparation - prepare chicken gizzards>
Remove cleanly fiber and silver skin (like white skin) of gizzards and cut it in half, and make 3-5 line deep slits each parts.
Step2 Put the olive oil into a pan and heat gizzards on high heat.
Step3 When open slit, add the garlic shoots into a pan and keep
Step4 Add the salt, white pepper and white wine.
Step5 Add the red pepper and lightly stir-fry until spices are infused, then turn off the heat.
Step6 To dish up them on a plate and sprinkle black pepper.