RECIPERoasted Awa-Odori Chicken in The Dutch Oven

Roasted Awa-Odori Chicken in The Dutch Oven

Easy BBQ chicken in the dutch oven.
Enjoy this tender Awa-Odori chicken with your family and friends!

Material 4people
whole Awa-Odori chicken - innards removed 1
carrots 2
potatos 3
onions 4
garlic 1 bulb
olive oil Proper amount
salt proper amount (for rub into inner of chicken evenly)
Recipe / How to make
Step1 Remove whole Awa-Odori chicken innards and wash in water, and wipe moisture with paper towels.
Step2 Season the spices (salt, powder of garlic, thyme and white pepper) on surface of chicken and toss until dissolved.
Step3 Put the vegetables into inside of chicken.
Step4 Put the chicken which has vegetables in inside to the bottom in center of dutch oven.
Step5 Put the vegetables around the chicken.
Step6 Prepare charcoal fire for cook beforehand. Put the dutch oven with covered a lid on charcoal fire.
Step7 Put charcal fire on the lid of dutch oven to without roasting unevenness.

Cook slowly about 45 minutes to 1 hour, until well cooked.

Step8 Open the lid of dutch oven and check doneness of chicken. Sting into chicken with kitchen knife or bamboo skewer, if transparent soup comes out from chicken, It is all done !!

If the blood came out from the chicken, cover a lid on dutch oven and heat it up again, and wait until completely cooked.

Step9 Place the cooked whole chicken on a plate gently from the dutch oven.

with extra soup and vegetables
Cut extra vegetable which is still inside in small size. And put rice into dutch oven and sprinkle salt on. ※Keep opening lid, put it on charcoal fire again until before boiling.