RECIPEChicken Salad with Microwave

Chicken Salad with Microwave

This almost becoming classic meal "Chicken Salad" can cook easily with microwave in at home. You can use for salad, topping of chilled Chinese noodles or Ae-mono (Japanese vinegared food which is vegetable with dressing)

Material 2people
Awa-odori chicken breast 300g
water 30ml
salt 3g
sugar 3g
cooking sake 2 Tbsp
lemon juice proper amount
sweet chili sauce proper amount
vegetables for salad
Recipe / How to make
Step1 Strip the skin of chicken breast, and prick the surface chicken with a fork in both sides.
Carve it out with kitchen knife If they have a thick parts.

Step2 Put the chicken (step1), water, salt and sugar into a plastic bag.
Step3 Pull out the air from plastic bag, and rub then well. Let soak them for 1 hour to 1 night.
Step4 Remove the plastic bag(Step 3) from the refrigerator, and store at room temperature before use.
Spread the chicken breast on a heat-resistant dish, and season the sake on top.
Wrap them lighty, and cook with microwave(600W) in 2 minutes.
Step5 Frip the chicken and cook with microwave(600W) in 2 minutes more.
Step6 Wrap them tightly when the chicken completely cooked, and let them cool down.

If it not enough cooked, cook with microwave(600W) in 20 seconds more.

Step7 When cool done it , shave the chicken with kitchen knife.

You can also tear by hands.

Step8 Serve with cut vegetables and dip with lemon juice or sweet chili sauce, and enjoy to eat.