RECIPE『Tokushima curry』previously known as Toriya’s curry

『Tokushima curry』previously known as Toriya’s curry

You can enjoy this food whose contained rich taste of Awa-Odori chicken and the texture, sweetness of Naruto-kintoki sweet potetos.

Material 7people
Awa-odori chicken drumsticks 14
grated onion 400g
grated carrot 200g
renkon lotus root 150g
Naruto-kintoki(one of sweet potato) 150g
minced garlic 20g
ginger - thin-sliced 150g
olive oil 4 Tbsp
water 1000g-1500g
canned whole tomato 400g
vinegar 3 Tbsp
laurier leaf 1
brown sugar 4 Tbsp
coarsely ground black pepper 2 Tbsp
powder white pepper 2 Tbsp
Mentsuyu soup base(concentrated) 5 Tbsp
Worcestershire sauce 1 Tbsp
curry roux (Recommended : spicy taste) 200g-250g
Recipe / How to make
Step1 Cut the Naruto-kintoki into bite-size pieces and soak it in water (out of amount).
Cut the renkon into bite-size pieces, and soak it in water (out of amount).
Peel the garlic skins and chop it into fine pieces. Grate the onion and carrot.
Peel the ginger skins and cut into thin-slices like a match stick sizes, and soak it in water (out of amount).
Step2 Put 2 Tbsp of olive oil and chopped garlic in a pot and heat it on low heat.
When the garlic lightly browned, add Awa-odori chicken drumsticks cook on medium heat to high heat untill the surface of chicken browned, and then, remove the chicken to a plate once.
Step3 Put 2 tbsp of olive oil and grated onion in the pot(Step2), and heat it until them lightly browened on low heat. Put the renkon, Naruto-kintoki and grated carrot in the pot, and stir them with oil on medium heat.
Step4 Put the Awa-odori chicken drumsticks back to the pot, and add 1000~1500 g water,canned tomato, kaurier, vinegar, brown sugar, 2 kind of peppers and half amount of thin-sliced ginger in pot.
Step5 Turn to low heat before them boiling, and skim the foam from the surface of pot.
Step6 Adjust the heat for not boiling water and cook them until the chicken became tender.
Step7 Turn off the heat, and put the carry roux and another half amount of thin-sliced ginger in the pot.
After the carry roux is completely dissolved, simmer them on low heat until it starts to thicken.
Step8 Add the Mentsuyu and Worcestershire into the pot, and simmer and stir them in 10 minutes more.
Step9 Put the rice on a deep plate, pour the curry roux over the rice.