RECIPEBudget-Friendly Ginger Fried Chicken Breast (Chicken Shogayaki)

Budget-Friendly Ginger Fried Chicken Breast (Chicken Shogayaki)

Max volume of ginger fried chicken with budget-friendly and low calorie chicken breast.

Material 2people
chicken breast - Cut into long, thin, diagonal strips 200g
potato starch proper amount
vegetable oil proper amount
ginger - minced, sliced 2 cloves
dark soy sauce 2 Tbsp
sugar 1 Tbsp
cooking sake 1 Tbsp
mirin rice wine 1 Tbsp
water 1 Tbsp
fresh seasonal vegetables
Recipe / How to make
Step1 Mix ginger and all sauce ingredients well in a bowl.
Step2 Coat the chicken with potato starch.
Step3 Heat oil in a pan, and cook Step2 until the surface of chicken is crispy browned. Add the Step1 sauce to the pan and cook for a minute to coat the chicken with the sauce.