RECIPE“Sasimi-style” Steamed Chicken ~Nice and Cold・Refreshing~

“Sasimi-style” Steamed Chicken ~Nice and Cold・Refreshing~

It is a good dish in summer when we often have not much appetite as a particular phenomenon in the heated weather, on diet or appetizers.
There are many kinds sauces and you can enjoy various tastes of them.

Material 2people
chicken breast - cut into long, thin, diagonal strips 200g
pinch of salt
potato starch proper amount
Recipe / How to make
Step1 Season chicken with salt, and coat with potato starch.
Step2 Boil water in a pot, parboiled Step1 and cooled in ice water to let the chicken cool down, then dish up.

Enjoy dip sauces such as soy sauce, bainiku(dried plum pulp), yuzu kosho( hot Japanese condiment made from yuzu rind, chili and salt.) or honey mustard to taste.