RECIPESalad Udon with Summer Vegetables

Salad Udon with Summer Vegetables

Refreshing, nutritious dish and great for preventing heat exhaustion in summer.

Material 2people
chicken (for shabu-shabu) 200g
frozen Udon noodle packs 2
cucumber 1
cherry tomatoes 4
whole corn 100g
salt appropriate amount
powdered white pepper appropriate amount
leaf lettuce proper amount
<for sauce>
noodle soup (double concentration) 240cc
vinegar 60cc
ginger (grating) 1 Tsp
sesame oil 1 Tsp
Recipe / How to make
Step1 Prepare boiling water in a pot, boil the chicken with boiling water, then put it to cold water and drain it.
Prepare Udon noodle same as boiled chicken's directions.
Step2 Shred cucumber, cut tomato in 1/4. Serve Step1 of chicken, Udon noodle and vegetables to dish.
Pour sauce over the food before eating.