RECIPEDelicious Spicy Hot Wings

Delicious Spicy Hot Wings

Sweet and spicy! ! Great combination of the taste of meat with bone and the sauce is the best match with carbonated alcohol.

Material 2people
Awa-odori chicken wings 500g
Tsp salt 1/4
pinch of white pepper
flour about 2 Tbsp
proper amount of fried oil
hot wings sauce 100g
<hot wings sauce>
onions (chopped) about 70g
1 piece large garlic (chopped) 1 piece
butter (unsalted) 15g
☆sweet chili sauce 100g
☆ketchup 60g
☆Gochujang ( If you have ) 20g
Tabasco 10g
vinegar 20g
chili pepper 1.5g
Recipe / How to make
Step1 Cut off the chicken wings chip and to halve it along the bone, sprinkle the powder on the surface after seasoning with salt and pepper.
Step2 Deep fry them strongly in oil heated to about 165°C for about 7 minutes.
Step3 When the meat is cooked, drain the excess oil, pour the sauce and It is done.
Step1 ---Hot wings sauce---

Add butter in a frying pan and heat it, stir-fry the onions and garlic until they becomes wilted.
Step2 Add ☆ of foodstuffs and boil down in low heat in 2 min.
Step3 Turn off the heat and add remaining seasonings, then mix them well.