RECIPESamgetang Style Rice Porridge of Awa-odori Chicken Wings and Pearled Barley

Samgetang Style Rice Porridge of Awa-odori Chicken Wings and Pearled Barley

Would you like to cook meals that are gentle to the body with Awa-odori chicken wings ?

Material 2people
☆Awa-odori chicken wings 350g
☆dried shiitake mushrooms 3
☆pearled barley 80g
☆salt 1 Tsp
☆large garlic ( chopped ) 1 piece
☆water 500ml
☆shiitake mushroom soup (If not enough, make up with water) 300ml
☆sake 3 Tbsp
boiled in water bamboo shoot (thick shredded) 60g
★pinch of sesame oil
★white part of Japanese leek 1/4
★proper amount of pine nut
★proper amount of wolfberry
Recipe / How to make
Step1 Remove dirt and sand from the dried shiitake mushrooms before put them in a bowl, pour enough hot water to soak dried shiitake mushrooms and cover the bowl with plastic wrap. (And then, remove the hard tip of shiitake mushroom and cut them into strips)
Step2 Wash the pearled barley, slice the Japanese leek diagonally and release it into the water. Cut the bamboo shoots into fine strips like a matchstick-sized.
Step3 Turn the wings upside down and make a cut along the bone.
Step4 Put foodstuff of ☆ into pot and place the pot on high heat, remove the scum and cover and heat on low, simmer for about 30-40 min, occasionally stew them from the bottom.
Step5 Once chicken wings and pearled barley become soft, add bamboo shoot in the pot.
Step6 Slop them onto the dish and topped with ★. it's done.