RECIPESlightly Cheese Flavor Awa-odori Chicken Piccata

Slightly Cheese Flavor Awa-odori Chicken Piccata

A chicken breast Piccata that is coated by egg and cheese. It will baked to be moist and tender texture.

Material 2people
Awa-odori chicken breast 400g
salt 1/2 Tsp
pinchi of white pepper
olive oil 3 Tbsp
proper amount of flour
★eggs 2
★grated cheese 1 Tbsp
★proper amount of parsley (chopped)
butter (unsalted) 20g
☆ketchup 50g
☆mayonnaise 25g
☆onion (chopped) 30g
☆proper amount of parsley (chopped)
Recipe / How to make
Step1 Turn over the skinned chicken breast and turn it into a double door, make a cut in several places when the thickness is even.
Step2 Cut one piece of chicken breast into about 5 equal parts, season with salt and pepper, sprinkle with olive oil and lay in the refrigarator for about 15 minutes
Step3 While laying the chicken breast in refrigarator, mix the ingredients of ★ to make egg liquid, and make the sauce with ☆ of ingredients.
Step4 Gently shake off the olive oil from the chicken breast and coat with flour.
Step5 Put the butter into the pan and heat on low heat, bake chicken breast (for a minute each on the front side and the back side) after dip into a egg liquid.
Step6 Once the egg's surface has settled, pass dip it into a egg liquid again and turning occasionally to avoid scorching them.
Step7 When the chicken is baked up, serve with the sauce and it’s done.