RECIPELet’s Make Awa-odori Fried Chicken Tulips

Let’s Make Awa-odori Fried Chicken Tulips

“Tulip”which is becoming quite scarceis to seeing at the meat section, Chicken wings are difficult to eat as they are, but make a tulip become easier to eat. If you make them with Awa-odori chicken wings, you can make a large tulips.

Recipe / How to make
Step1 Place the wings on a cutting board with the skin side down.
Step2 Hold the ends of the wings, and bend center part in multiple directions for dislocated. (Dislocated it without break the bones. If the joints come off successfully, they will bend out of shape )
Step3 Tuck the wings in to the inside of skin side, and make a stick the two bones out by holding them from the top. (It takes a little power, but hold like a press it against the cutting board.)
Step4 Remove the stuck out thin bones from the wings. Hang a thumb to the thick bones side and fix it, Remove only the thin bones pull down by giving it bit of spin.
Step5 Peel off the skin of the wings. Place a knife between the wing bone and the skin, and remove the skin. This part is also delicious.
Step6 Hold the bone and lift it up as if turning over the meat. (The skin side will be hidden inside.)
Step7 Shape it into round and it is completed.