RECIPE“Easy Arrangement” Georgia Home CookingShkmeruli

“Easy Arrangement” Georgia Home CookingShkmeruli

Georgian traditional home cooking who had came to the camp to Tokushima prefecture at 2019. Rugby World Cup.
You can make easy arrangement dish with commercially available stew roux.

Material 5people
Awa-odori chicken thigh 300g
new potatoes 200g
carrots 100g
onions 150g
medium asparagus 4
butter (unsalted) 30g
white cream stew roux described amount for 5 dishes
80% of the stated amount of water [When stated amount 1000ml] water : 800ml
20% of the stated amount of white wine [When stated amount 1000ml] wine : 200ml
☆large garlic ( grated ) 3 piece
paprika powder( if you have ) 1/2 Tsp
milk divide into two 300ml
mix cheese for pizza any amount you like
proper amount of parsley( chopped )
Recipe / How to make
Step1 Cut the chicken thigh and vegetables into bite-size pieces. Boil the asparagus and cut them in about 3 cm. (You can use as it If each new potato are having a size of around a ping pong ball).
Step2 Put the butter into a thick pot and heat it, stir-fry ingredients without burning them.
Step3 Add ☆ of seasoning and bring to a boil, remove the scum and then add the paprika powder into the pot, heat until the ingredients are cooked on low heat.
Step4 Once the fire was stopped and the cream stew roux was melted, after that add the half amount of milk and heat them on low heat in about 10 mins.
Step5 Pour the other half amount of milk into a pan and boil them, serve them with the asparagus and cheese in a deep baking dish, bake them till browned over the surface in a preheated oven (oven toaster).
Step6 Sprinkle with parsley and it's done.