RECIPEStunning chicken in hot & spicy sauce with mango and tomatoes

Stunning chicken in hot & spicy sauce with mango and tomatoes

Material 2people
Awaodori chicken thigh 300g
cherry tomatoes 5 or 6
frozen Mango: dice cut 100g
coriander small amount
★soy sauce 1 and 1/3 tbsp
★vinegar 1 tbsp
★honey 10g
★japanese leek (minced) 5g
★ginger(minced) 5g
★water 10g
sesame oil 1 tsp
roasted sesame 1 tbsp
chili oil 1.5g
japanese pepper (powdered) a pinch
Recipe / How to make
Step1 Mix ingredients ★ for the <sauce> in a heat resistant bowl and put a plastic wrap on it.
Heat at 500W for 1 minute in a microwave. Keep the plastic wrap on and let it rest for a while.
Step2 Season the chicken thighs with a pinch of salt (not included in recipe), put it in a pan with 500 cc of boiling water,
cook each side for 3 minutes at the low heat, then put a lid on it and let the chicken rest for 15 minutes.
Step3 Cut cherry tomatoes in halves and let the mango thaw.
Step4 Slice Step2, serve with Step3, pour a rich portion of <sauce> and decorate with coriander if preferred