• Awa-Odori Chicken Gyoza Dumpling

    Enjoy gyoza dumpling with wings and have crispy texture which contain patted chicken meat and renkon.

  • Awa-Odori Chicken Tender Cold Pasta

    This cold pasta dish is contained tasty garlic flavors of tomato sauce and healthy chicken tender. Enjoy this refreshing taste and a lot of flavor in.

  • 『Tokushima curry』previously known as Toriya’s curry

    You can enjoy this food whose contained rich taste of Awa-Odori chicken and the texture, sweetness of Naruto-kintoki sweet potetos.

  • Grilled Awa-Odori Chicken and Vegetables

    Easy and hearty side dish with chicken and leftovers vegetables in the fridge.
    Delicious party meal with hot plate.

  • Awaodori Chicken Nanban without Tartar Sauce

    This special chicken nanban has palate feeling of crispy by coating egg and flour.
    Serve with sudachi has aromatic acidic flavor.

  • Simmered Awa-Odori Chicken with Tomato

    This elaborate taste dish uses only tasty Awa-odori chicken,eggplant and tomato for the main ingredients,has pleasant aroma of basil

  • Hiyajiru(Cold miso soup) with Awa-Odori Chicken

    Hiyajiru is a locally produced cuisine of the Miyazaki prefecture.
    This dish use the chicken breast instead of fish paste.
    Pour the savory and rich taste cold soup onto warm rice with sufficient amount of condiments on top.
    This dish is refreshing and good to eat especially in the summer.

  • Khao Man Gai with Rice Cooker

    Khao man gai is a tasty comfort food in Thailand, which consists of tender and juicy chicken, served on top of rice which has been cooked in the chicken soup.
    Easy to cook with the rice cooker at home. A tasty sweet-spicy sauce increases your appetite.

  • Awa-Odori Chicken Salt Sukiyaki Hot Pot

    This Sukiyaki hot pot uses salt instead of soy sauce to taste. You can enjoy full of flavors of Awa-odori chicken.
    It would be great if you want to eat something light taste.

  • Chicken Salad with Microwave

    This almost becoming classic meal "Chicken Salad" can cook easily with microwave in at home. You can use for salad, topping of chilled Chinese noodles or Ae-mono (Japanese vinegared food which is vegetable with dressing)

  • Roasted Awa-Odori Chicken in The Dutch Oven

    Easy BBQ chicken in the dutch oven.
    Enjoy this tender Awa-Odori chicken with your family and friends!

  • Simmered Awa-Odori Chicken and Vegetables (Chikuzen Ni)

    Chikuzen Ni is a one of classic Japanese stewed dish. Our recipe used “locally produced poultry Awa-odori chicken thigh” and the strong savory flavor to make a rich taste of special dish.